Who We Are

The Provincial Government envisions a Newfoundland and Labrador where youth:

  • are fully engaged in all aspects of society;
  • are provided opportunities to develop the skills and values to succeed;
  • are supported in pursuing their education and training goals; and
  • have career and family options in the province.


Who we Serve

We serve youth of all ages, as well as community organizations, government departments and agencies, and education institutions interested in better engaging youth.

We operate with four strategic goals for youth engagement:
1. Engage youth in a manner that gives them a meaningful voice in policy development and decision-making, and supports them to make effective decisions about their futures;
2. Support youth-serving agencies and government departments to improve their youth engagement efforts;
3. Support and conduct collaborative research and evaluation that relates to youth and youth engagement;
4. Increase awareness and value for youth engagement among the general public, including youth, youth-serving agencies, and government officials.

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